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Watch Rema Talk Sex, Music, Exes, More On Chicken Shop Date With Amelia Dimoldenberg

Afrobeats wunderkind and Mavin Records trailblazer, Rema featured on popular YouTuber, Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date show and it made for quite the watch as the singer shared some random yet intimate facts about himself from his sex life to his music, love life, family and more.

Set in a simple diner where Rema snacked on fries, chicken and a can of Pepsi, their date got rolling with Amelia openly asking if Rema has a girlfriend. The singer had replied in the negative but shared that his preference of having a lover with a 500 follower count on Instagram had been modified to simply being someone “low-key”. Rema also spoke on making his first million at 17 and buying his mom a car with the money. The singer made it known that his mom was very special to him, so much so that he was yet to introduce any of his lovers to her. Replying to Amelia’s ask on the last time he had a soundgasm, Rema said; “While actually having sex because the vocals and stuff, that’s the sound…”

Rema additionally shared details on other interests like parrots being his favourite animal and love being one of the greatest inspirations behind his music.

Rema’s chicken shop date with Amelia follows closely on the heels of the episode the YouTuber had with fellow Nigerian star, Burna Boy.

Watch the full video here: