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UCL: Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 2-0 Highlights

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 2-0 Highlights Download: UEFA Champions League (UCL) – September 13th, 2022.

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Bayern Munich attacks on the counter, with Same to getting the ball to Mane, who gets the ball to Goretzka via Musiala and his shot is pushed away by Ter Stegen for a corner.

Penalty call! Dembele gets the ball in the box after the block and this time Davies dispossesses him of the ball as the Frenchman goes down appealing foe a penalty.

So do the other Barcelona players, but the referee is not interested.

Davies beats Raphina and he plays a lovely one-two with Musiala. He gets the ball back and crosses for Mane, which is finally intercepted by Barcelona to end that attack.

A poor shot from Neuer gets Lewandowski space to attack. Upamecano comes to Bayern’s rescue to deny the Pole a goal in a stadium he is too familiar to play at.

FC Barca has looked the better team by some distance tonight and Bayern Munich. In spite of getting the ball in te final third, has failed to capitalise thereon.

Bayern tries to get the ball ahead again, but Pedri comes to Barca’s rescue, getting the ball back to Ter Stegen and ending any chance for Bayern to build on the attack.

Kounde gets the ball back in play with a throw-in and Barcelona tries to build from the back, after Bayer clears the aerial ball from Koune for Raphinha.

Barca starts the second half on the same note as the first and Raphinha, after getting the ball in front of the box, goes for a shot right away. But it is off target.