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Read Heartwarming Story About Mr Eazi’s Impact On A Fan’s Education

e might not hear a lot from or about Mr Eazi but a fan of the singer has shared a touching story to let the world know how he’s impacted his life and education, urging other Nigerians to share similar encounters with the singer. Read the full story below.

Mr Eazi 2016 songs
On today’s episode of “Things We Love To See,” a Twitter user has shared about his past encounter with Nigerian singer and music executive, Mr Eazi, detailing how he impacted his educational goals.

According to the Twitter user, an Oyiga Michael, he’d come to frequently interact with Mr Eazi at the cinema where he worked, stating that while most celebrities tended to keep to themselves, the singer always struck up conversations with the cinema staff, eventually developing an impactful relationship with him. Narrating his experience in a thread, he said; “When I worked at the Cinemas, we normally have Celebrities come in to see movies. Most of them don’t really speak with us the workers for some reason, however Mr Eazi was different. He’d walk over the counter and if the movie is schedule for like 3, he go stand with us dey gist 😂”.

Other Twitter users then took the chance to share similar encounters with Mr Eazi as well as a story of the time he’d sponsored some people to a tech school in Ajah.

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