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OWNERSHIP TUSSLE!! Between Carter Efe And Berri Tiga Who Do You Think Is The Original Owner Of Machala?

Popular Nigerian skitmaker, Carter Efe, is now being dragged by singer Berri Tiga on social media over their Machala hit song days after the song was pulled off all streaming platforms.

Tiga went online to claim that he wrote and sang Machala. This caused quite a stir on social media as rumours made the rounds that Efe sidelined Tiga after the track ‘blew’

Recall that Carter Efe and Tiga made the Machala song which took the entertainment scene by storm and went viral. In a new development, reports made the rounds that the two stars had fallen out over the song as one party claimed the other was trying to take all the glory.

Berri Tiga claims he wrote Machala song from beginning to end. During an Instagram live session, the singer reacted after some fans asked if he produced the song. According to him, he is 100% responsible for writing and singing the song.

Not stopping there, Tiga added that he had no idea why the song was taken down from all streaming platforms.



He said:

“I effing sang Machala. I wrote and I sang Macahala 100% bro. I wrote Machala, I sang Machala from the beginning to the end.”

Recall that the hit song ‘Machala’ has been removed from Apple Music and Spotify platforms worldwide.

The song “Machala” by Carter Efe and Berri Tiga, arguably one of the biggest in 2022, was removed from Spotify and Apple Music in every country.

On July 30, 2022, the trending song that peaked at number one on digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others was published.

Although there has been no official explanation for why the hit song is no longer available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Remember what I wrote then. I said,

“Could it be that Wizkid reported it? Because from all indication, Big Wiz does not like the song.

Or could it be that the two artistes Carter Efe and Berri Tiga are having some misunderstanding about the song ownership and royalties, and one of them decided to file a case to Apple and Spotify”.

I was right after all.

But the question now is,

Between Carter Efe And Berri Tiga Who Do You Think Is The Original Owner Of Machala?