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OFFICIAL: Todd Boehly Reveals Why Thomas Tuchel was Sacked at Chelsea | Watch

The owner of Chelsea Football Club, Todd Boehly has explained the reason why the board of the club decided to sack Thomas Tuchel.

Boehly was speaking at a financee conference, organised by SALT which is a networking platform that is focused on finance, technology and public policy. According to the American, Tuchel did not align with the vision of the new owners and that was why his contract was terminated.

Tuchel is extremely talented and he is someone that has achieved great success with Chelsea. Our vision for the club was finding a manager who really wanted to collaborate with us… to bring a team together with the academy, first team and incremental clubs we want to acquire. We just were not sure that Thomas saw things the way we saw them. No one is right or wrong, we did not just share a vision for the future. It was not about a single win or loss, it was about a decision that we thought was right for the club.

The news of Tuchel’s sack was confirmed on the official website of the Blues on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022. According to reports from the club, the decision to sack the German was a way forward as the new owners look to take the club right in the right direction.