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Muhammad Ali’s Legendary Red Robe Gets Auctioned for thousands of Dollars | SEE DETAILS

Muhammad Ali’s famous red robe in his fight against Joe Fraizer in 1971 which was branded as the “Fight of the Century” has been auctioned for $348,000.

The fight is still one of the most watched bouts between Ali and Fraser and was the first of the trilogy bouts between both boxers. On his way to the boxing ring, Ali wore a red robe.

The robe disappeared from his wardrobe after he lost his first fight as a professional against Frazier. The robe ended up with collection owner Troy Kinnunen, who has accrued countless pieces of memorabilia from Ali’s fights since the beginning collected over 30 years ago.

Kinnunen said the robe served as an inspiration for Ali after he lost the first of the trilogy, Frazier won the fight in 15 rounds by unanimous decision. The rematch fights Super Fight II (1974) and Thrilla in Manila (1975), was both won by Ali.

The robe is really ironic when you realize he lost the fight. Guys can get dejected, the robe represents the story of Ali’s comeback, his motivation to fight Frazier twice more and defeat George Foreman and regain the world championship.

The robe had been tipped to fetch at least $1,000,000, which is around £840,000, according to the auctioneer.