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Manchester United Supporters Plan to Stage Protest Against Liverpool

Manchester United’s supporters are planning a huge protest when their team face Liverpool Football Club at Old Trafford.

The fans of the club have in recent years frowned against the leadership of the Glazers family since Sir Alex Ferguson left the managerial position. There was a protest at the club’s opening game against Brighton and Hove Albion at the Old Trafford.

This protest is beginning to gain protest on social media platforms most especially on Twitter. The supporters are using the hashtag #EmptyOldTrafford as they gain the attention of those on social media.

The supporters plan to abort the game against Liverpool, if the plan goes through this means that the stadium will be filled with just Liverpool’s supporters. The last time both clubs met in the Premier League, there was a huge protest which led to the game being cancelled.

One of the supporters on Twitter said,  “How the Glazer’s were allowed to borrow £600M from the bank, bought #MUFC, placed that debt on top of the club, took out £1.5B and placed us on the stock exchange to benefit from dividends is mind-boggling. #EmptyOldTrafford”.