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Kizz Daniel Speaks On Arrest And Apologises To Tanzanians

The Buga crooner, Kizz Daniel has shared his side of the story regarding events which led to reports of an arrest in Tanzania and also issues an apology to the fans. Find out why Kizz Daniel missed his show below.

The singer who’d granted a press conference to members of Tanzania’s local media had detailed the circumstances that had resulted in his no-show. According to Kizz Daniel, his travel itinerary had been thrown off course following a 1-hour delay on his flight from Uganda where he’d performed the day before. Kizz Daniel also detailed how the delay had led to additional hitches as he’d missed his connecting flight from Kenya to Dar es Salaam.

Upon arrival at his destination in Tanzania by 1am, he’d discovered that his bag containing clothes and those with equipment for members of the band had been left behind by the airline. Kizz Daniel also stated that through these hiccups, he’d kept the show promoter in the loop and also decided to make the show happen regardless of their setbacks. The singer shared that he’d also worked with local stylists to get a replacement for his lost outfits but eventually was unable to carry out a mic check due to the fact that the guests were already settled in.

Kizz Daniel then made it known that in between their last minute preparations, the show organisers, promoters and himself had some unresolved issues which they’d ironed out. However by the time they were done with that and ready to move the show forward, the venue had been trashed my angry fans. He also stated that he hadn’t been arrested but simply invited by the police for questioning since his name was linked to the cases of vandalism at the venue of the show he didn’t perform at.

The singer who has now openly promised to make-up for lost time to his fans by performing at a free show also apologised to his Tanzanian fans and expressed his love for the country and her people.

Recall that news about Kizz Daniel’s arrest surfaced on the 8th of August following reports that he’d been absent at his headline show in Tanzania.

Watch some clips of Kizz Daniel’s account of his Tanzania mix up here: