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Javier Hernandez Gives Solution to Manchester United Problems | Watch

Former Manchester United player, Javier Hernandez who is popularly referred to as Chicharito has asked the supporters of the club to move on from Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Mexican was speaking in an interview where he was asked if he is surprised by the recent struggles that the club is experiencing since Sir Alex left the club. According to him, the former United manager was almost perfect whenever he gets to sign players.

That’s a very tricky question, man. Because I’ll answer yes and no. It doesn’t surprise me because in life it’s not easy having a manager for 26 years in the way that he (Sir Alex Ferguson) did it. One of his greatest aptitudes, in my humble opinion, was that probably seven out of 10 players who signed for United worked out. That’s not easy, man – not for Real Madrid or Barcelona or even for Chelsea, (Manchester) City, Liverpool or Bayern Munich. It’s not easy to do that for 26 years, but Sir Alex was very good on the personal side to see how he could take the best out of you and how you can help the club. To substitute that man like that is not easy. It is like winning the lottery.

He also said that he believes it is the right time that Manchester United let go of Sir Alex Ferguson and the pressure that comes with the name.

Do you think anyone you hire afterwards is going to be able to do 80 per cent of what Ferguson did? My point of view is that after Ferguson brings so much pressure that it just isn’t going to work out. United need to now get over the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has gone. Would we like to have someone similar? Yes, yes, yes. But Sir Alex has gone and it is never going to be the same. So United have to adapt and allow the next manager to do it in his own way.

Hernandez was one of the super substitutions for Manchester United under the reign of Sir Alex. He won two Premier League titles and scored 59 goals in 157 games before he moved to Bayern Leverkusen in 2015.