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In the new ‘Clowns’ video, Vector and Ladipoe spill hot bars.

It’s an excellent time to release a hip-hop single/video, since Wizkid’s declaration that the genre is “dead” dominates social media timelines and news headlines. Vector and Ladipoe, two Nigerian rappers, have released the official music video for their hip-hop single Clowns. As previously indicated, the new video was released at the perfect time.

Vector and Ladipoe don’t seem to be about that life, but if you listen closely, several words on the song seem to address the “hip-hop is dead” debate, among other things. Most significantly, it shows that hip-hop is still very much alive in Nigeria.

Clowns, produced by GMK, is the ninth track on Vector’s most recent album, Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me.

The cut was pictured in monochrome lenses, directed by Nosachii.