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#BBNaija: See Moment Diana Made Biggie Speechless

The BB Naija Level Up house is definitely a house of highlights and Diana has now added to that with a request that made Big Brother himself speechless. Find out all about it below.

The BB Naija Level Up housemates have proved to be the handful of drama viewers have been hoping to get and pose to be a handful for Biggie himself as Diana renders the show host speechless during her diary session.

This turn of events of took place at the end of Diana’s diary session when Biggie had asked the Level 1 housemate if she had any requests to make of him. The French-based housemate had promptly mentioned a lack of salt, stunning Biggie in the process before asking if she was sending him on an errand.

Diana is a French-born Nigerian with roots in Edo State and made it known at the beginning of the show that she’s in the Big Brother Naija Level Up house to establish her brand.