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Barcelona FC Reportedly Set To Replace Azpilicueta With This Liverpool Star | SEE DETAILS

Barcelona might just consider the option of replacing Azpilicueta with this influential Liverpool player.

It seems as though Barcelona FC are shifting course following their failed bid for Cesar Azpilicueta as the Spanish giants are set to go for a Liverpool star to fill in the position.

Alexander Trent Arnold of Liverpool is reportedly the new target for Barcelona as the Spanish giants are reportedly set to table a bid worth over 60 million euros for the English defender.

According to sport bible the move for Trent Arnold was considered and from all indications Liverpool might be far from selling the player who is an integral member of the squad.

Sport bible reported:

It’s claimed the Spanish giants want Alexander-Arnold in order to ‘complete their squad’, per reports via the Liverpool Echo.

Futbol Total say Barca would offer a transfer fee in the region of £67 million for the Liverpool ace.

Now, that seems incredibly low considering the state of the transfer market and the profile of Alexander-Arnold, who’s considered as one of the best right-backs in world football.