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2022 World Cup: VAR Awarded Ronaldo A Soft Penalty -Addo

Ghana head coach, Otto Addo has criticised the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for awarding Cristiano Ronaldo a soft penalty following his side World Cup 3-2 defeat to Portugal on Thursday.

Recall that Ronaldo was brought down by defender, Mohammed Salisu in the second half during the encounter, which he coolly converted to give Portugal the lead.

However, reacting to the penalty, Addo stated that the referee was quick to award Ronaldo the penalty.

He also questioned the inability of the VAR to view the incident before the penalty was awarded.

“The referee gave a penalty which wasn’t a penalty – everyone saw that. Why? Because it is Ronaldo or something?” Addo told beIN Sport.

“I think you’ve to ask the referee. I have no proof of that. We were playing the ball and then there was contact,” Addo added at his post-match press conference when asked if he believed the foul was given because it was Ronaldo.

“I don’t know whether they weren’t paying or whether the VAR wasn’t paying attention.

“If you look at the replay, we played the ball, it was actually a foul against us.

“If somebody scores a goal, congratulations. But this was really a gift.

“Up to the penalty, everything was possible. Then the game got a little bit wild.”

Ghana’s next match is against South Korea on Monday.